Relevant...art that resonates as strongly now as it did when it got createdHistorical...works that tell provocative truths about America's racial historyActivist...a life committed to fighting for equality.Educator...over 40 years in classrooms and still teachingProlific...creator of volumes of still sought after masterpiecesInnovative...creator of art styles and model programs that changed art historyEvolving...growing beyond what worked in the pastInspired...divinely-inspired to create provocative message art


art that resonates as strongly now as it did when it got created

Professor Dana Chandler's art is as relevant today as it was when he created his most well-known pieces.

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works that tell provocative truths about America's racial history

Activist art produced by Professor Dana Chandler reflects America's racial and gender history. It both inspires and angers, even today.

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a life committed to fighting for equality.

As much as any leader of his generation, Professor Dana Chandler is a renowned civil rights activist. Only his family came before the community.

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over 40 years in classrooms and still teaching

Professor Dana Chandler is known as one of the foremost educators in the Africancentric art education movement.

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creator of volumes of still sought after masterpieces

Professor Dana Chandler has produced hundreds of works of art over his nearly 60-year career.

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creator of art styles and model programs that changed art history

Professor Dana Chandler's innovative African-American Master Artist-in-Residency Program shifted the art world.

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growing beyond what worked in the past

As times changed, so did Professor Dana Chandler's art to reflect those historical shifts and his evolving perspective.

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divinely-inspired to create provocative message art

Chandler says he's been led by God since early in his life and that he got led Him to create his history-changing works.

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Professor Chandler—Enlightened, Evolved, and Erudite.


One of the most prolific artists in history, Chandler has created several thousand pieces in his almost 60-year career. In this gallery, you can view pieces from most of his series and determine which you would like to exhibit or purchase. Visit the gallery then reach out to us for more details.


Learn how to book this internationally-renowned, message-oriented artist whose narrative is as contemporary, relevant, important and witty today as always. Down-to-earth and easy to engage and available in person and virtually, he may be available for your event. Want to get Prof. Chandler as a speaker for your next event or interview him for your article, or television, radio or online show? Learn how.


Press Room

A former journalist himself, the artist has an extensive press history. Download a complete press kit including his artist’s statement, selected bibliography, selected images, awards and other information to help your coverage. You may also learn more about Prof. Chandler’s current and future activities. Read more.

Dana Chandler Receives a 2018 MassArt Alumni Award

Dana Chandler, ’67 (BFA Art Education) (right) stands with John Crowe ’71 (BFA Art Education) (middle), and Elisabeth Subrin ’90 (BFA Film/Video) (left) at the reception for the 2018 MassArt Alumni Awards. (Photo: Renee Ricciardi)

Boston – November 4, 2018 – Surrounded by family and with friends, and fans applauding, Dana Chandler received a 2018 MassArt Alumni award from his college alma mater, the Massachusetts College of Art and Design. Chandler graduated from the institution in 1967 with a BS Teacher Education and went on to teach, retiring in 2004 from Simmons University (formerly Simmons College) after 33 years. 

“I can’t tell you how honored I am, how proud I am to receive this wonderful honor from my college alma mater,” enthused the 77-year-old activist artist. The two other award-winners were John Crowe ’71 (BFA Art Education), and Elisabeth Subrin ’90 (BFA Film/Video), both shared memories… (Read More)

Artist's Statement: "The Race Question and My Art Answered"

When people see Images like this one, The Black AmerlKKKlan Experience: Murdered While Black, they envision an enraged black painter contemplating the same fate experienced by the subject of this painting for all white people. That couldn’t be further from my truth.

I can’t say I wasn’t enraged when I painted this piece in 1974 to confront the wyte (racist caucasian) supremacist police brutality that was being perpetrated against black men even then. I’m was, and justifiably so. But, because of artwork like this that conveys that rage projected by wyte supremacists onto black bodies, I’ve always been considered a “controversial political artist.”

My art makes white and other people uncomfortable in their denial, complacency, and complicity in the destruction of black lives. Black lives have always mattered to me and most of my art expresses that. As such, others have given me many labels over the years intended to categorize me as an artist based on its focus and content. They’ve created narratives about me that portray me as a dangerous, hate-filled black agitator who should be silenced to protect white people from harm.

But, showing love for my own people through my art does not translate into hatred for other racial groups. Unlike wyte nationalists, I don’t feel the need to exterminate other racial groups to prove my love for my own.

I’ve also been given interesting monikers over the years, most I’ve embraced. They include “Black Power Artist,” “Black Nationalist Artist,” “The Original Hip Hop Artist” and “Outsider Artist.” All reflect my status as a historical forerunner in the black activist art world as well as in the black political activist movement.

But many of these labels, typically given to me by white people, also have negative connotations. Some are part of those narratives constructed to portray me as a menace to society; an anti-American radical.

It’s those labels that endanger black men who speak out against the brutality and injustices routinely perpetrated against us that lead to suppressing us by incarceration and silencing us with assassination. Threats… (Read More)

Chandler Work Travels in Soul of a Nation: Art in the Age of Black Power

After debuting in the opening of “Soul of a Nation: Art in the Age of Black Power” at the Tate Museum in London in summer 2017, Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art in Bentonville, Arkansas in winter, 2018 and, most recently, the Brooklyn Museum, Professor Chandler’s seminal piece, “Fred Hampton’s Door II,” (left) now is showing at The Broad in Los Angeles, CA with the exhibition to the where it will appear from March 23, 2019-September 1, 2019. 

The Work

Professor Chandler created the work as a life-sized memorial in 1974 to Fred Hampton, Sr. the young Black Panther chairman who was murdered in the wee hours of December 4, 1969 in a conspiracy between the Chicago police, Cook County State Attorney General’s Office and the FBI.

Some 13 Chicago police stormed Hampton’s apartment at 4:35 a.m. after firing between 82-99 bullets (though the actual number remains dispute but likely is close to 100) through his front door. As witnesses recall, the invading officers killed Hampton as he slept in his bed next to his nine months pregnant partner, Akua Njeri (nee Deborah Johnson). Police also murdered Mark Clark, age 22.

Chandler created the original piece a painting depicting a bullet riddled blood red front door with an American flag emblazoned across the piece. The flag represented the all-levels of government conspiracy to… [Read More

Chandler Confronts Sexual Violence in First New Art Since 1991

Chandler’s sister-in-law, Celeste Dancy, stands before several of the artist’s newest works during the pre-dinner reception and ‘pop-up’ exhibition for the 2018 MassArt Alumni Awards where Chandler was an honoree. (Photo: Renee Ricciardi)

Dana Chandler is again actively, and as prolifically as his limited retirement budget allows, producing new works. The series is entitled, “Death By a Million Wyte Supremacist Cuts: The Flag is Bleeding—The Ongoing African, Indigenous, and Jewish Genocides.” The new pieces are a reinterpretation of his 1990s Collage Reprographics series, “KKKrimes Against  Wumanity.” 

 He’s created and framed 30 new works and they’re are ready for exhibition at respected institutions like those exhibiting his work, “Fred Hampton’s Door II” in the “Soul of a Nation” exhibition.

The latest series reflects America’s longstanding rape culture where sexual violence, particularly against women and children, often gets ignored or sometimes lauded. The now SCOTUS Justice, Brett Kavanaugh and Robert S. Kelly, a.k.a. “R-Kelly” scandals are indicative of this reality. Despite their sexually, egregious behavior, both men have as many supporters… [Read More

Latest AAMARP News

AAMARP and MNCAA Honor Dana Chandler: This photo shows celebrated activist artist, Dana Chandler (sitting; right center), in Boston with African American Master Artist-in-Residence Program (AAMARP) and other Boston artists. All were in attendance at the November 3, 2018 “welcome home” celebration for the artist at the Museum of the National Center for Afro-American Artists (MNCAAA). Some 75 guests joined in the festivities. The event got co-sponsored by the MNCAAA and AAMARP, which Chandler created and founded and that opened 40 years ago in November 1978. The MNCAAA’s founder and director, Barry Gaither, stands in the far left of the image. He is a long-time Chandler friend and supporter. Chandler attended this celebration in his honor while in Boston to receive a 2018 MassArt Alumni Award. (Photo: Greg Cook, Wonderland)

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